E. Coli Found In Onset Drinking Water

WAREHAM, Mass. (WBZ NewsRadio) — Officials in Onset are warning residents to boil their water after E. Coli was found.

The bacteria was found in water samples collected last week. Officials are working to clean the water and are continuing testing.

In a statement, officials said the problem is expected to be resolved by Friday, May 17. However, Onset Water Department Superintendent Kevin Sampson said the “absolute best case scenario would be, probably, midday to later afternoon on Wednesday.”

In the meantime, Sampson said the water should be boiled for a minute before being used.

Residents are encouraged to get rid of any ice, beverages, formula, and uncooked foods that were made with the water due to the possible contamination. It is also recommended that residents use boiled or bottled water for activities such as brushing teeth and washing dishes. According to Sampson, the water can be used for showering.


Officials handed out free bottled water all weekend. They will be handing out water until 8 p.m. on Monday as well at the Onset Fire Department at 5 East Central Ave.

Some residents in the affected area are complaining because the order was said to have only been posted on social media. Sampson said the information was sent to several places.

“Within an hour, we had it out to three or four different news outlets. We had it in local newspapers. And then within three hours, we had it out. Actually, the town of Wareham helped us out. And they did a reverse 9-1-1 blast for us. They did that a couple of times on Friday night. There was also sign message boards. It was on our website. It was on their website. There was a lot of outlets that we reached out to,” Sampson said in response.

According to the Wareham Fire Department, the boil water order is only for residents in the Onset Fire and Water District. Residents in the Wareham Fire District are not affected.


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