Keating To Support Aid Package to Ukraine, Israel, Taiwan

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Congressman Bill Keating says he will support a 25-billion-dollar security package for Ukraine, Taiwan and Israel.

Keating is a ranking member of the House Foreign Affairs sub committee says he believes the measure will pass.

The Congressman talking specifically about the illegal Russian War in Ukraine.

“This national security package, and in particular, the military assistance for Ukraine, is urgently needed as Russia is in the process of attacking Ukrainian forces on the ground and destroying critical infrastructure, energy grids, and key strategic military assets through the air. As top U.S. Generals have warned, Ukrainian soldiers are facing a 10 to 1 disadvantage in artillery munitions and despite their extreme courage, these troops cannot hold key positions under such attacks.”

Keating says if Vladamir Putin can’t be stopped now, the United States and other NATO allies risk deploying American boots on the ground there.

The vote is set for Saturday night.

(Photo: Congressman Keating/Facebook)

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