Provincetown Creates "Lease To Locals" Program

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In Provincetown, that community is looking to create a program to make housing more affordable for its residents.

Provincetown will become the first community in the Commonwealth to offer "Lease To Locals".

It will be a pilot program and calls for 20 thousand dollars to property owners if they convert their facility into short term rental units for the entire year.

Town Manager Alex Morse says that most of the rentals are short term and seasonal and that makes it very difficult to create a long term housing stock.

The program utilizes monies gained through short term rental fees and uses them as incentives for year round units.

The program officially kicks off today and Morse says already there has been a lot of interest and Morse says that people who work in town are already signing up to take part.

Morse says if the program is successful long term than it can become a benchmark for the entire state.

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