Former Harvard President Warns Of Attacks On Higher Ed- In NY Times Op-Ed

Former Harvard University President Claudine Gay is warning that her resignation this week could be the start of a "campaign" against higher education.

Gay said in a New York Times op-ed Wednesday that her resignation was "wrenching but necessary," adding that the campaign against her was about more than one university and one leader.

She announced her decision Tuesday in a message to the Harvard community, following allegations of plagiarism and a campus controversy over antisemitism.

Gay's tenure is now the shortest in the school's history after she became Harvard's first Black president in July.

She faced pressure to resign following a congressional hearing in early December, in which she and other university presidents struggled to answer whether calling for the genocide of Jews violates their code of conduct.

(Photo by Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images)

University Presidents Testify In House Hearing On Campus Antisemitism

Photo: Kevin Dietsch / Getty Images News / Getty Images

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