Emotional Support Dog In Stolen Vehicle Reunited With Her Family

Luna, an emotional support dog, was reunited with her family

Photo: Middletown Police Department -Connecticut

A Connecticut family has been reunited with their emotional support dog, Luna, after she was missing when their car was stolen. The Middletown Police Department said Luna, a gray pit bull mix, was reported missing over the weekend when a thief stole the family's car while they were out doing deliveries.

Officers were able to quickly locate the car using OnStar's tracking capabilities. They ordered the driver to pull over, but he refused and fled the area at a high rate of speed.

He led officers on a dangerous chase through traffic before OnStar was able to remotely disable the vehicle. The suspect, identified as 19-year-old Malik Awuah, fled on foot but was quickly detained.

However, Luna was not in the car. Awuah told the officers he let her out on the street shortly after stealing the vehicle.

After two days of searching, the police received a tip that Luna was spotted not far from where the car was stolen. Her family rushed to the area and found Luna, who jumped right into their vehicle.

"The owners were able to locate Luna, and she jumped right into their car! She's in good health and receiving lots of love! THANK YOU all for the assistance! It's always great when the community comes together, and the end result is happy!" the Middletown Police wrote on Facebook.

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