Defense Attorney: "A Stupid Act That Was Carried Way Too Far"

A Massachusetts teenager who is facing a grand jury indictment for attempted murder in an alleged racially-motivated attack was in court Monday.

Prosecutors say the white 14-year-old was at a pond on Cape Cod with other young people, including a Black teen who could not swim, when the incident happened in July. The suspect allegedly made a racial slur and pulled off the boy's life jacket, repeatedly holding his head under water and calling him George Floyd.

The 14 year old from Chatham, John Sheeran is being named publicly because he was charged as an adult and was identified in open court.

His attorney Kevin Reddington says that there was no intent to murder his friend. He says it was a stupid act that was carried way to far.

The Judge has ordered Sheeran to be released to his father. Sheeran will have to wear a GPS device and be confined to the home until the next court date.

(Photo by Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images)

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