Dolphin Rescues Increasing

The Marine Mammal Alliance of Nantucket was working on rescuing several dolphins on Thursday.

The common dolphins were first spotted in Polpis Harbor. The Nantucket Current reports two of the dolphins were struggling to get to deeper water after they were relocated to Nantucket Harbor on Thursday night.

Meantime, A rescue group is on the verge of opening a short-term treatment center for dolphins in Orleans.

The International Fund for Animal Welfare has converted an old auto supply store on Route 6A into a site where dolphins that get stranded on Cape Cod's shores can receive care and recuperate in a pair of big saltwater pools.

The group says that'll give them a better chance of survival than treating at-risk animals in the field.

The site should open this fall.

Cape Cod sees more frequent mass strandings of dolphins than anywhere else in the world.

(Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

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Photo: Bruce Bennett / Getty Images News / Getty Images

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