Senate Budget Has Millions For Local Initiatives

State Senator Julian Cyr is heralding some three point six million dollars in budget items that will benefit the Cape and Islands. 

The Senator says he was able to include about a million dollars in additional funding for elder nutrition programs while also enhancing public health emergency protections as well. 

In addition, the Senate budget contains 100 thousand dollars for fire training for local fire departments; 

65 thousand dollars for studies to determine whether PFAS is in the Martha’s Vineyard aquifer; 

$50,000 for farmers' markets and school-based local agriculture programs offered by Sustainable CAPE  

In addition, the Senator says there is an additional 350 thousand dollars in the Cape and Islands District Attorney’s office because he says they have been underfunded for some time. 

The money is not a guarantee. It still has to make it through the Conference Committee process and become part of one budget plan. The work on the budget must be concluded by July 1. 

(Photo by Darren McCollester/Getty Images)

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