New Affordable Housing Opens In Brewster

They broke out the ceremonial scissors in Brewster to celebrate the opening of a new affordable housing development.

Local officials and C-and-I State Senator Julian Cyr cut the ribbon on the Brewster Woods complex.

State Sen. Julian Cyr was the keynote speaker, noting that while it was a moment to celebrate, the region is in an ongoing housing crisis that is forcing residents to leave Cape Cod in search of housing they can afford.

“Brewster Woods has changed the lives of the 30 Cape Cod households that now live here, and that’s a wonderful thing,” said Cyr. “Yet Cape Cod’s future as a year-round community is in serious jeopardy. The absurd cost of housing on Cape Cod and the Islands is eroding our communities, forcing our workforce to commute from over the bridge and pricing out year-round families. We need to build more developments like Brewster Woods, and we need to build them now.”

The site features 30 units being made available to low- and moderate-income families.

(Photo Credit: Preservation of Affordable Housing, Inc.)

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