You’re The Detective on Hit Interactive Crime Podcast Solve

Elegant lady smoking pipe projecting shadow of herself on wall

Elegant lady smoking pipe projecting shadow of herself on wall

On the hit crime podcast Solve, the audience is the detective, hearing murder cases inspired by true crime stories and trying to figure out whodunit. Great voice casts and rich sound design put you on the scene and in the interrogation room – can you figure out who the killer is? This episode, Family Feud, centers on elderly businessman James Morelli, who has taken his entire family on a getaway to a spa retreat. While there, he announces that by the end of the trip, he’ll declare which of his children will inherit his company. But before he makes his decision, James is bludgeoned to death in a sound bath. Who killed James?  

James’s family don’t get along well; his eldest, Benjamin, doesn’t have a job, but does have a bit of a gambling problem, though he claims he hasn’t “been to a casino going on six years.” His second, a daughter named Piper, works hard at the family business, but shows little remorse over her father’s passing – “everyone grieves differently, and my father taught me to never show weakness,” she explains. James’s youngest son, Dorian, is a strange case; he seems obsessed with catching lizards, and the others find him “creepy” and “insane.” But Dorian’s mother and James’s second wife, Meredith, won’t hear a word against him. She’s convinced that Dorian would make a worthy successor to James, and tells Dorian to make an effort to share some innovative business ideas with his father to prove it. Dorian lets slip that his mother is a “total gold digger” who “married my dad for his money,” but that “I would never hurt anything.” But later, they discover him killing lizards with rocks, though he claims it was an accident. 

Piper tries to enlist Benjamin’s help, telling him they should unite and turn their father against Dorian, but Benjamin declines, saying, “Dad can't stand you. He told me himself.” Meredith discovers that Piper is pregnant, and despite Piper’s pleas to keep it a secret from James, saying it’s “still really early,” Meredith tells him anyway, trying to make her case for Dorian to inherit. James is hurt that Piper would hide her pregnancy from him. Benjamin tries turning his dad against Piper, too, saying she’s too afraid of risks to run a company, making him a better candidate; but then James discovers that Benjamin is running from hundreds of thousands of dollars in gambling debts. 

Close up of blackjack in casino

Close up of blackjack in casino

There’s also Rogelio, the family’s majordomo. He seems close to James, saying that James put him in his will because Rogelio ran the business after his first wife died, leaving James too distraught to concentrate. “You could say that without me, there would be no Morelli Enterprises today,” he says. “Still, his family treated me like a common servant.” Would James consider Rogelio the best person to run the company in his absence, since he had done it once before? 

Everyone has the same motive: to get the company. So why was James killed before his big announcement? Who could have gained from his death? Listen closely for clues to see if you can figure out who the killer is on this episode of Solve.

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