Man's Superhuman Reflexes Save Kid From Getting Hit By Wild Scooter

Quick reflexes can be the difference between a close call and a tragic accident. Whether it's a mom grabbing her child before he falls off a balcony or a school bus driver keeping a student from walking into traffic or a man catching a kid from dropping off a counter, many heroes are just people who can move fast.

That was proven once again as a crowd gathered to watch some guys do tricks on scooters in a public plaza. One daredevil attempted to jump a flight of stairs on his scooter but hit the landing so hard that the scooter flew out from under him. As he slid away on his butt, his ride went flying into the crowd. Everyone's face was aware of the impending doom but one guy somehow grabbed the scooter, stopping it in mid-air as it was inches away from a little boy.

While the video cuts out before we can see the crowd's reaction, they for sure praised the man's quick-thinking and even quicker reflexes.

Photo: YouTube

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