Calmer Choice

At times, it feels like we’re living in a world filled with anger and rage, be it people on opposite sides of the political spectrum…or as simple as people in cars on opposite sides of the street! More than ever, conflict is a big part of our everyday life!

And, maybe in part due to the rise of social media, it feels like we aren’t connecting, as people, the way we once did.

Well, there is an organization in our community that believes that one of the best ways to resolve these issues is to start changing the process…with our children, teaching them the skills they need to resolve conflicts and confront challenges in a better way.

That group is called…Calmer Choice.

If you have a child, grandchild, niece or nephew in a school system here on Cape Cod, you may have already heard of Calmer Choice, because they have been working with schools across the Cape with their program.But, the rest of us may not have heard of them…or know what they do.

So, on this edition of Spectrum, Kevin Matthews will talk with the Executive Director and Founder of Calmer Choice, Fiona Jensen and founding board member, David Troutman, about who they are…and what solutions they have found can help bring people together!

They will also touch on some upcoming events that you can be a part of to help support the organization.

"When we of the things that I often thought was if some of these kids had some skills to be able to pause...and be able to choose their response rather than react that we might be better off." - Fiona Jensen, Executive Director & Founder, Calmer Choice

To learn more about Calmer Choice and find out more about their upcoming events, visit their website

(Aired the weekend of 6/22-6/23/19)

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