Yarmouth Police/Big Heroin Bust

YPD/Heroin Bust


Yarmouth Police executed a Knock and Announce search warrant around 8 A.M. on February 24th for a Dodge Ram driven by 52 year old Frank Berry Jr. of Whistler Lane in Yarmouthport.

Inside the truck police found 55 plastic baggies, each containing point 4 grams of heroin for a total of 22 grams, a knotted plastic baggie containing 12.8 grams of heroin, a digital scale, a cell phone and multiple unused half gram baggies.

They also found heroin on Berry’s person.

At about 9:30 A.M. Yarmouth Police executed another search warrant, this time in Berry’s home, where he lived with his parents.

More illegal drugs were found in his bedroom along with nearly 16-hundred dollars in cash.

Berry’s truck was seized for forfeiture based on him using the vehicle for his drug distribution business.

He was charged with heroin trafficking in 36 or more grams and possession of class ‘B’ drugs.....Suboxone.

Berry is a felon with 23 prior charges in Massachusetts and is currently being held on 20-thousand dollars bail pending trial.

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