More Cries For Barnstable County Commissioner Ronald Beaty Jr. to Resign

More Cries for Beaty to Resign


Another group has issued a statement calling for the resignation of Barnstable County Commissioner Ronald Beaty Jr.

The Cape Cod Times reports that the Executive Board of the Cape Cod Republican Club is responding on Facebook to a Tweet by Beaty last week asking if gay politicians were too “self-absorbed and self-centered” to fairly represent all constituents.

The statement read, in par, that the Republican Party is a Party of inclusion and non-prejudicial people that believes we are all created equal and everyone is welcome in the Party.

The statement goes on to say....quoting.....The Cape Cod Republican Club abhors the Commissioner’s comments and requests that he immediately resign from his position.”

The Times says the group Cape Cod Women For Change is urging its members to attend today’s meeting of the County Board of Regional Commissioners to speak in opposition to Beaty.

Today’s meeting begins at 9 A.M. in the Commissioner’s Conference Room in the Superior Court Building. You can also watch the meeting live on the Barnstable County Livestream Channel.

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