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Today is Friday, February 22nd, the 53rd day of the year.There are 312 days until the end of the year.

On this day:

In 1879, Frank Woolworth opened his first five and dime Woolworth store in Utica, New York.

In 1889, U.S. President Grover Cleveland signed a bill admitting North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana and Washington as U.S. States.

In 1935, it became illegal for airplanes to fly over the White House.

In 1980, the U.S. Olympic hockey team beat the heavily-favored Soviets, four-to-three, in what became known as "The Miracle On Ice."The U.S. squad went on to win the gold medal a few days later.

In 1984, a 12-year-old Houston boy known as "David" died after being removed from the plastic bubble he called home for most of his life.He lived in the bubble because he had no immunity from disease.He left his "home" to have a bone marrow transplant.

In 1987, pop artist Andy Warhol died at the age of 58.

In 1991, President Bush and U.S. Gulf War allies gave Iraq 24 hours to begin withdrawing from Kuwait, or face a final all-out attack.

In 1993, CBS announced David Letterman would remain in New York and broadcast from the Ed Sullivan Theater on Broadway.

In 2005, in his first press conference since portions of his grand jury testimony in the BALCO steroids investigation were published, San Francisco Giants slugger Barry Bonds blasted the media, saying lies are continually being reported about him.

In 2007, a Florida judge ruled that the remains of former "Playboy" Playmate Anna Nicole Smith would be turned over to a guardian for Smith's infant daughter Dannielynn.During the reading of his decision, Judge Larry Seidlin could be heard breaking into tears, saying the case had taken a toll on him.He encouraged the parties involved to bury Smith next to her son Daniel in the Bahamas.

In 2007, three-time NBA league champion Dennis Johnson died after an apparent heart attack in Austin, Texas.He was 52.

In 2011, former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel was elected mayor of Chicago.In so doing, Emanuel became the first Jewish mayor in the city's history.

In 2016,sports reporter Erin Andrews' civil trial began against a Nashville hotel after she was secretly recorded changing clothes.She filed a lawsuit accusing the Marriott of letting a man book rooms next to hers, rig peepholes, and record videos of her changing clothes.The man in question, David Barrett, was arrested in 2009 and pleaded guilty to stalking and shooting the videos.

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