20th Annual Harwich Democratic Town Committee JFK Awards Brunch

The Harwich Democratic Town Committee held its 20th Annual Brunch Saturday, February 18 at The 400 East in East Harwich.

MA State Representative Sarah Peake and Gus Bickford the MA State Chairman of the Democratic Committee were the special guest speakers. Elizabeth Harder, newly elected Harwich’s Assembly of Delegate was the recipient of the Mabel Canto Democrat of the Year award and Chris Joyce received the James Noonan Community Service Award.

Peg Rose and Kathy Teahan of the Harwich Democratic Town Committee presented Chris Joyce with the James Noonan Community Service Award. Joyce is a volunteer for a number of organizations in Harwich; Treasurer at the Friends of the Council on Aging and the Democratic Town Committee and Chair of the Voter Information Committee in Harwich. Prior to Harwich she resided in San Francisco and developed the affirmative action committee at San Francisco’s Pacific Gas and Electric Company, was a poll worker, volunteered on Mayoral campaigns and baby sat for families effected by domestic abuse. Teahan said she is a true marvel.

Joyce received a citation from Pat Johnson on behalf of MA State Senator Julian Cyr from the Senate and one from the House of Representatives presented by MA State Representative Sarah Peak. Joyce was honored and humbled by the award and credited her parents who were active in their communities for setting a good example. She blamed Peg Rose and Joanne Brown for getting her involved in so many organizations as well as the newspaper for getting her involved with the Harwich Democratic Town Committee.

Elizabeth Harder received the Mable Canto Harwich Democrat of the year award and citations from the Senate and the House of Representatives as well. Newly appointed Harwich School Committee member Tina Rose and Harwich Water Commissioner Judith Underwood presented the award highlighting Harder’s campaign slogan “Will work Harder for Harwich” as her true claim to fame. She’s an advocate for the environment, elder rights as well as helping women into leadership rolls. She is a volunteer at We Can, The Woman’s Coalition and the Blue Institute. Peake highlighted that she is the first woman in Harwich to hold the Assembly of Delegate seat. Harder thanked all for her award and indicated Chairman Ray Gottwald was responsible for all the good things that have happened to her of late. She credited her Mother for getting her involved locally, she saw how you can make a difference in Harwich if you get involved.

Guest speaker MA State Representative Sarah Peake encourage us to dedicate, invest and focus on climate change. She advised us to change the way we think of how to get to 0 emissions. Invest in battery storage, solar, wind and renewables. We need to modify our ideas, on how to achieve 0 emissions like perhaps have a 0 emission transportation line run down median strips, use electric busses, have charging stations in parking lots just to name a few. Denmark was able to achieve it, why can't we? JFK was able to get a man to the moon in 9 years by dedication, investment and focusing, she said we should be able to achieve 0 emissions by the same determination.

Gus Bickford MA State Chairman of the Democratic Committee focused on the importance of getting involved locally to add democrats at the local level to help build bridges to the future. He outlined the State committees focus being on getting democrats who no longer were on the voting rolls back on. Working on the National Voter files with better access to data and investment in grass roots campaigns across the state. They are offering campaign training classes. He encouraged people to share news sources on their social media. He said the convention this year will be in Springfield in September

Chris Joyce recipient of the James Noonan Community Service Award


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