Yarmouth PD Opens Phase 1 of Sgt. Sean M. Gannon Training Complex

The Yarmouth Police Department, today, opened phase one of the Sergeant Sean M. Gannon Training Complex at YPD Headquarters.

Phase one of the training center is in the basement of the department and was built primarily through private donations from citizens across the country under the direction of the Yarmouth Police Foundation. Part of the Training Center features a MILO Range Interactive Use of Force and Tactical Judgement Training system. MILO is an acronym for Multiple Interactive Learning Objectives.

In addition to hundreds of ready-to-train scenarios, an extensive library of interactive graphics-based firearm drills and exercises are included ranging from simple plates and poppers to user-defined Course of Fire and Marksmanship drills.

Phase 2 of YPD Sgt Sean M. Gannon Training Center


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