W. Yarmouth Man Arrested for Secretly Videotaping Woman at Resort

Yarmouth PD News Release:

On Friday, February 8, 2019 the Yarmouth Police Department Detective Division began an investigation at a resort on South Shore Drive involving the report of a hidden surveillance camera found in the women’s shower.A couple staying at the resort had used the workout area and the female noticed a black charger plugged into the wall near the sink in the womens locker room.

While the victim was unclothed and showering, she observed a small hole in one of the drop-ceiling tiles, located in the corner of the shower. As she examined the hole closer she could see a blinking blue light.The ceiling tile with the hole in it was then moved and a camera fell out. The victim picked it up and notified the front desk and asked them to notify the Police.

Anthony Mendes, who also works the front desk at the resort, overheard the conversation and went down to where the victim and her boyfriend were. When Mendes got to their location, Mendes took the camera from the victim and the charger and the three proceeded to the front desk to wait for the Police to arrive.

Yarmouth Police Detective Michael Wells observed a hotel surveillance camera located on the wall outside of the women’s bathroom. Detective Wells viewed the footage from the camera facing the women’s bathroom where the camera had been located and observed Mendes enter the workout area, go into the women’s bathroom and close the door behind him. Approximately 20 minutes later, Mendes re-emerged from the bathroom and looked around before going back into the bathroom, leaving the door ajar.

Mendes does not own a motor vehicle and management did not know Mendes current address but advised that he was scheduled to work again on Saturday at 5PM.

On Saturday, February 9, 2019, Detective Eric Nuss and Wells went to the resort and waited for Mendes to arrive but he failed to do so.Detective Nuss and Wells began checking residences associated with Mendes and observed Mendes in his girlfriend’s vehicle traveling northbound on Forest Road with Mendes in the front passenger seat.

At 5:30PM, Detectives conducted a motor vehicle stop on Old Townhouse Road and Mendes was taken into custody and transported back to the Yarmouth Police Department for booking.During booking, Mendes was given his Miranda rights which he waived and agreed to speak about the case and admitted his involvement.

Mendes—a convicted felon with 27 priors—was arraigned in the Barnstable District Court on Monday and released back in to the community on $1,000 cash bail and has been terminated by his employer.

Refer To Arrest: 19-114-ARArrest: ANTHONY EMMANUEL MENDES




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