Threatened Lawsuit Could Torpedo New D-Y Regional School

Work on the new regional school for the Dennis-Yarmouth Regional School District has come to a halt over the threat of a lawsuit.

The D-Y Regional School Committee decided to put a stop to design work and that could jeopardize nearly $45 million in reimbursement funds from the state School Building Authority. The total cost of the new school is $117 million.

The school was approved collectively by voters in Dennis and Yarmouth but each town had different outcomes. Dennis voters approved the school while Yarmouth voters did not. Yarmouth residents also voted against funding the new school.

The threatened litigation comes from Yarmouth selectmen, upset the school district decided to forego town meetings on the proposed new school and put it out to a district-wide vote. Yarmouth officials say there is a provision in the district’s agreement that says any action that incurs debt can be taken up by town meeting.

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