Yarmouth PD/Operation Safe Ride Home Available On Super Bowl Sunday

YPD/Safe Ride Home


The Yarmouth Police Department is activating “Operation Safe Ride Home” on Super Bowl Sunday, offering a free ride home to anyone from a Yarmouth licensed liquor establishment.

The free rides will be provided by Town Taxi beginning at 8 P.M. Sunday and ending at midnight.

To request a taxi call 508-775-5555.

Yarmouth Police encourage all drivers to look out for each other and don’t let others drive drunk, don’t tolerate those who do and never ride with them.

If you see an impaired driver call 9-1-1 and help keep other people safe.

Again, the number for Town Taxi for a free ride home on Super Bowl Sunday from a licensed liquor establishment in Yarmouth is 508-775-5555 between 8 P.M. and midnight.

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