Onset Man Arrested on Gun Possession Charges

From the Wareham Department of Natural Resources:

Nov 28 2018 - Wareham DNR Officer makes hunting arrest

On Wednesday evening, November 28, 2018 at approximately 5:20pm, WarehamDNR was conducting fish and wildlife safety inspections in the vicinity of the Maple Spring Wildlife Management Area when an individual with a illuminated red lens flashlight was observed from a distance by Director Buckminster walking through adjacent, posted private property. Director Buckminster requested WDNR Officer Kimball to respond for assistance in locating the individual. While entering into the area Officer Kimball observed an older model black Jeep Cherokee parked at the Maple Springs Wildlife Management parking area.A search of the private property was conducted by both officers however due to the cover of darkness they were unable to immediately locate the individual.Both officers moved out to the parking area where the previously observed vehicle was located. While at the location of the vehicle Officer Kimball observed an individual with a illuminated red lens flashlight exiting the wood line near the parking area. The individual, dressed in blaze orange, carrying a tree stand, camouflage backpack, and firearm was approached by Officer Kimball and Buckminster. Officer Kimball identified himself to the individual and inquired if the firearm, a shotgun, was loaded. The individual advised Officer Kimball the firearm was still in fact loaded. The individual was instructed by Officer Kimball to aim the firearm in a safe position and unload the firearm. The firearm was cleared of the single round 20 gauge slug and the firearm was confirmed cleared by Officer Kimball. Upon further interview of the individual it was determined that the Massachusetts resident did not possess the required FID (firearms identification card) or LTC (license to carry).

The firearm was immediately secured by the officers and the individual now known as Christian Koller of Onset, MA was placed under arrest by Wareham Dept. of Natural Resources Officer Kimball. Mr. Koller has been charged with possession of a firearm without a license/ loaded firearm, hunting/fishing-closed season, and trespass with firearm.

Mr. Koller was bailed and arraignment scheduled for 11/29/18 at Wareham District Court.

Wareham Police Department was requested to transport Mr. Koller to the Wareham Police Station for processing.

Wareham Department of Natural Resources reminds you to review all hunting and fishing rules and regulations to make sure you are in compliance!!!


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