Find a Parking Spot While Black Friday Shopping With the Help of Robots

robot reserves your parking spot at the mall on Black Friday

As Black Friday approaches and shoppers are busy researching deals, planning their itineraries, and figuring out the best ways to maximize their spending dollars, they're still gambling on the hope there will be plenty of parking spaces available at the mall once they arrive. 

Thankfully, a Miami-based startup named MyPark is attempting to ease the headache of trying to find a spot with the help of some friendly neighborhood robots. 

The devices, called MyPark robots, are deployed to block off 'reserved' spaces for those people who use the app to reserve a parking spot. Drivers head for the mall and search through the app to see if there are any available spaces. After the user pays, the little robot parking device pops up to block the spot until you arrive. 


Once people make it to their spot, the metal bot folds back down, allowing you to park without needing to fight anyone for the space. It's a little like the old trick of sending a friend off to stand in the spot until you arrive. 

The idea comes courtesy of Ricardo Blanco, a construction company owner who, like the rest of us, was tired of watching other people swipe his spot (especially when you have your turn blinker on). 

Parking space rentals can run users anywhere between $1 and $3 for the first two hours, with additional charges per hour applied afterward. 

Photo: Getty Images


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