Phony Preacher Wanted by YPD at ACI in Rhode Island

That phony preacher that the Yarmouth Police Department was looking for is in Rhode Island – locked up at the Adult Correctional Institution awaiting a future court appearance.

James Stern, of Portsmouth, Rhode Island, officiated a wedding in Yarmouth in September even though he does not have a license to do so. Members of the wedding party also allege that Stern stole and used their credit cards which were supposedly locked in a room.

A computer check showed that Stern has 51 entries on his Massachusetts record for crimes such as identity theft, fraudulent use of a credit card, and related larceny charges. He also has a criminal record in Rhode Island and New Jersey.

 Yarmouth Police are continuing their investigation and will have Stern returned to the Cape for arraignment in Barnstable District Court in the near future.


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