Most Recent Inspection of Pilgrim Shows Improvement

The latest Nuclear Regulatory Commission inspection of the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station in Plymouth notes six documented findings or violations. The second quarter check of the power plant was completed on June 30.

NRC Regional One Senior Public Affairs Director, Diane Screnci tells WXTK News that five of those six violations occurred during the 2015 through 2017 timeframe so the report is not indicative of a declining performance at Pilgrim.

Screnci says the violations never presented any immediate danger and overall, the inspection record continues to indicate Entergy is making slow progress in improving performance at Pilgrim.

The only 2018 violation noted in the second quarter inspection was a violation of work-hour controls.

The NRC instituted a fatigue rule several years ago specifying the amount of hours employees can work during any 72-hour period, during any week or any month. The most recent inspection found instances of non-compliance with that rule.

Pilgrim Nuclear Power Plant


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