Sustainable Practices Efforting 15 Town Beach Cleanup

The environmental group, Sustainable Practices, will be organizing a 15-town beach clean-up in September. It will do so in partnership with its local sponsor, By-the-Bay Designs, and its global partner, 4-Ocean.

4-Ocean makes bracelets out of recycled materials with the sale of the bracelets supporting the removal of plastic from the ocean. By-the-Bay sells the bracelets in its shop in Brewster with 100% of the revenue supporting the activities of Sustainable Practices, a nonprofit in Brewster working to place the question of banning single-serve plastic bottles on town ballots across Cape Cod in the spring of 2019.

Sustainable Practices is still signing up volunteers for each town participating in the clean-up, which will take place from 9-11am on September 23rd.

 For more information visit Sustainable Practices L-T-D dot org (

Plastic bottles litter beach


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