New MSPCA Cape Cod Facility Opens in Centerville

The new MSPCA Cape Cod facility in Centerville opened Tuesday. The 12,000 square foot building is four times the size of the old facility and, as Director Mary Sarah Fairweather proudly stated, it’s a whole new world:

"As you can see, we've evolved quite a bit. We feel like we're in the Taj Mahal," explains MSPCA Cape Cod Director, Mary Sarah Fairweather. 

The new facility has three basic areas; an education and training space, a spay and neuter and dental clinic, and the adoption/new animal wing. Fairweather says a veterinarian and two vet techs will be on site full time once they are through the interview process.

The new facility will also have a new name; the Marjorie and John McGraw Family Animal Resource and Adoption Center.


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