67 Days of Sunshine Says Doug the Quahog

Doug the Quahog has spoken!

Whispered may be a more accurate account of what the bi-valve did Thursday afternoon at the 10th annual Cape Cod Quahog Day at the Pilot House Restaurant in Sandwich. Through his intrepid interpreter, Johnny Quahog, Doug said, "67 days of sunshine for this 2018 summer season," before he clammed up for the next 364 days. 

Johnny, always the optimist, pointed out that the prediction left a lot of room for Cape Cod retail therapy this summer.

About 100 people turned out to hear what Doug would predict. There was a slight scare at the start of today's activity when this year's honorary guest host, WCVB-TV's Doug Meehan, a Cape Cod native, was stopped and frisked by Doug's bodyguards. Meehan was found to be in possession of a shucking knife and a bottle of cocktail sauce. As it turned out, no quahogs were hurt during today's event.


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