WXTK Better Health Report: Vitamin D & Breast Cancer

It’s actually been known for many years that the closer people live to the equator, the lower the rates of breast, colon and prostate cancer.

This is of course thought to be due to the sun’s effect on our vitamin D levels.

Now new research from the Univ of CA San Diego and others has actually determined an optimal level of vitamin D is when it comes to breast cancer.

The scientists put together data from two randomized clinical trials with over 3000 women and another prospective study with almost 2000 women.

The women were all 55 or older with the average age being 63. None of the women had cancer when they enrolled in the study and they were followed for about 4 years. Data was collected on vitamin D levels of the women from 2002 to 2017.

During this time, breast cancer was diagnosed in 77 women. From the data they collected, the researchers were able to find that the minimum healthy level of vitamin D in the blood was 60 nanograms per millilieter, which is much higher than the 20 nanograms per millileter considered normal by the National Academy of Medicine.  Women who had levels of at least 60 had one-fifth the risk of breast cancer compared to women with less than 20.

Now these studies were done on post menopausal women and they were all white, so other research needs to be done on other ethnic groups and younger women, but it’s a start.

We don’t live near the equator here in New England, so women here are at higher risk. I would suggest having your vitamin D level checked when you have a physical and then you and your doctor can decide where to go from there. D

The safe upper limit for vitamin D is 4000iu/day, and I strongly recommend you don’t go over that unless advised by your doctor. Megadoses of vitamin D are not harmless, and can cause heart problems and kidney damage.

This is Joan Trimble wishing you wellness.

WXTK Better Health Report: Vitamin D & Breast Cancer

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