Nancy Shoemaker: Mercy Otis Warren Woman of the Year

The 17th Annual Mercy Otis Woman of the Year is West Barnstable’s Nancy Shoemaker.

The announcement was made today (Wednesday) from the Mercy Otis Woman of the Year Selection Committee, in partnership with the Barnstable County Commissioners.

Nancy Shoemaker has been nominated several times over the years and this year she received multiple nominations. She is the owner of West Barnstable Press and has offered her talents to a number of non-profits free of charge.

As was noted by one nominee, Nancy Shoemaker has qualities “strikingly similar” to her early West Barnstable compatriot – Mercy Otis Warren.

The Mercy Otis Warren award annually recognizes a woman who has exemplified the traits of leadership in the community and who has made significant contributions to the arts, education, business, community involvement and/or volunteerism while embracing the ideals of patriotism.

Nancy Shoemaker will be presented her award on June 5, at 7 p.m. by last year’s recipient, Dorothy DaLuz at Tales of Cape Cod on Main Street in Barnstable Village.


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