WXTK Better Health Report: Red Meat and Colon Cancer

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard bad news about red meat and colon cancer, but if you need some incentive to cut back or cut it out of your life completely, a new study from the UK may persuade you.

Researchers there looked at data on more than 32,000 women from the United Kingdom’s Women’s Cohort Study for an average of 17 years.

In that time, 335 women were diagnosed with colon cancer, and 119 of them were cases of distal colon cancer, meaning closer to the rectum.

They found that women who regularly ate red meat at least once per week were more likely to have this distal form of colon cancer vs women who did not eat red meat.

 Vegetarians showed the highest risk reduction.

But this risk reduction among women who don’t eat red meat was not significant.  Of interest was the researchers also found that consuming dairy, fish and fiber seems to help reduce risk also.

The study has some flaws, among them the fact that the women who don’t didn’t red meat tended to be younger and slimmer.

This is Joan Trimble wishing you wellness.


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