WXTK Better Health Report: It's Flu Season

The flu season is upon us, and if that isn’t depressing enough, a new study from the Univ of MD will certainly dampen your spirits.

We all think that to protect ourselves from the flu, we need to be sure to avoid touching shared public surfaces like doorknobs and keypads, avoid touching our face and wash our hands frequently.

But researchers studied 142 volunteers with the flu in a chamber aptly named the Guzuntight II and found that the flu virus is not only spread from coughing, sneezing and touching contaminated surfaces, but can be spread simply by the infected person’s breath.

Apparently people with the flu breathe out tiny droplets of virus that can stay airborne for quite awhile. And this is particularly potent during the first few days of illness.

So the researchers feel the best way to prevent the flu is to stay home and avoid public spaces. They also recommended improving ventilation systems in buildings and for people to stay home when they are beginning to get sick.  If only if were that easy, right?

This same researcher did an earlier study back in 2013 and recommended that people with the flu wear surgical masks to reduce this airborne transmission.

This is Joan Trimble wishing you wellness.


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