Better Health Report: Autism & Pre-Natal Vitamins

Here’s a new clue as to the possible cause of autism.

Researchers in Israel looked at over 45,000 children and found that taking folic acid and multivitamins during pregnancy could reduce a child's risk of autism.

In particular, kids were less likely to be diagnosed with autism if their mothers took supplements before pregnancy and while they were expecting.

Women who took supplements prior to pregnancy were 61 percent less likely to have a child diagnosed with autism, compared with moms who didn't take supplements.

And taking supplements during pregnancy was linked to a 73 percent reduced risk of autism.

The overall risk of autism was low, with only 1.3 percent of the children in the study diagnosed.

But the results suggest that taking folic acid and multivitamins could be a way to protect babies against the development of autism.

Women are already told to take folic acid during pregnancy to prevent birth defects of the spinal cord and the brain, and it’s usually provided as part of prenatal vitamins.  Whether it’s the folic acid or something else in the prenatal vitamin needs to be determined.

This is Joan Trimble wishing you wellness.


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