Coast Guard Suspends Search for Missing Fishermen

The search will not resume today for two crew members missing from the “Misty Blue”, a fishing boat that sank off the coast of Nantucket Monday night.

The Coast Guard tells WXTK News the search has been suspended pending the discovery of any new information. The search for the New Bedford boat had initially been suspended Tuesday night because of rough seas.  The boat's captain and a crew member were rescued by another fishing vessel, but Michael Roberts and Jonathan Saraiva remain missing.

Questions are being asked whether the “Misty Blue” should have even been out on the water.

A Fairhaven fisherman, last month, filed a $1.5 million lawsuit against the vessel and its owner, New Jersey-based  Sea Harvest alleging he was seriously injured as a result of negligence by the captain and crew. The Fairhaven fisherman claims the boat was not seaworthy.

That suit was filed in Federal Court in Boston.

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