"What Do You Do at 5 O'Clock?" with Susan Ferriman Jenkins

Osterville Village Library

Sue Ferriman Jenkins of Osterville is no stranger to adversity. Having been widowed for the third time, she has experienced her fair share of life's challenges. However, she has emerged from these experiences with an empowering message to share. In her talk "What Do You Do at 5 O'Clock?", Sue shares her secrets on how to simplify, organize, and manage your life going forward, from the financial to the personal and everything in between.

As a well-known artist, Sue brings a unique perspective to the table, combining creativity with practicality. Her uplifting message is sure to leave you feeling inspired and ready to take on whatever life throws your way.

Registration for this free event is suggested: Call 508-428-5757 or email Amy Wolfe at awolfe@clamsnet.org