A Celebration of International Horseshoe Crab Day

869 Main St./Rt. 6A, Brewster, MA 02631

The Cape Cod Museum of Natural History in Brewster presents A Celebration of International Horseshoe Crab Day, Wednesday, June 19, 2024, 10am-3:00pm.

*Special guest speaker, Dr. Kathryn Tuxbury, New England Aquarium senior veterinarian and horseshoe crab researcher, at 3pm.

Fossil evidence confirms horseshoe crabs have been on earth for at least 445 million years, over 200 million years BEFORE dinosaurs! As a keystone species, horseshoe crabs play a crucial role in maintaining the health of coastal and marine ecosystems. Learn about the horseshoe crab’s amazing endurance, resilience, survival and their connection to Native American life, commercial fisheries, human health, and space travel.

There will be horseshoe crab arts & crafts, fun hands-on interactive learning activities and a Museum scavenger hunt. See live horseshoe crabs in their life cycle stages of eggs, juveniles, and adults. Also, there will be two horseshoe crab feedings at 11am & 1:30pm during which you will hear about the Museum’s eight-year horseshoe crab head start program.

* At 3pm Dr. Kathryn Tuxbury will be discussing her journey from studying horseshoe crab populations on Cape Cod 25 years ago to her current position as a veterinarian at the New England Aquarium. She will discuss her various research projects and highlights of her clinical work as an aquatic animal veterinarian.

Free with Museum Admission